My Introduction to Cooking

Cooking was not always fun for me. I watched my sister cook for our family for many years. She looked so at ease cooking, almost like she was in a different world. 

Then there was that sad day (happy for her, though) in August when she left for college. The chore of cooking fell to me. I did not do ALL the cooking as she did, but I did a good share of it . At that time, cooking stressed me out! Granted I was only 11. To be honest, I was scared! My fear was I would get in trouble if I messed up and my family did not like what I fixed.

As the years passed, I grew to “like” cooking. I had some great role models/teachers – my sister and my grandmother, hoping that one day I would have the confidence they have/had. 

Now, I am at ease in MY kitchen, in my own world, with my 80’s and 90’s music keeping me going. I still get nervous, though, when I am cooking for others. Hoping and praying they will like what I make. So I am looking forward to this adventure of sharing, even though it is only through text and pictures. 


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