My First Adventure…

This past Christmas was my FIRST, yes FIRST, time hosting our family Christmas get together. I admit I was excited but even more nervous. It was a small gathering of seven people (including myself).

With some “special” help, I had my menu set for heavy hors d’oeuvres – cheese and crackers, carrots, blues cheese dip, apples, grapes, baked brie, assorted nuts, wings, brownies, wine, beers, and sodas.

I am happy to report that leftovers were very minimal. The apples, grapes, carrots,  cheeses, and wings were GONE! Of course, the baked brie w/strawberry sauce was the first to go!! There were a few brownies left over, but made my sister-in-law take those, and really, there was not much twisting of her arm! lol!!

I am not sure why I was so nervous. It was a success! Everyone enjoyed themselves. So if I can do it, anyone can!! And I am thinking of suggesting we do it at my place again this year! 🙂

the big spread!
the big spread!



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