Chicken Strawberry Basil Pizza

I know this sounds like an odd mixture, but it turned out really good!

I was baking a chicken breast that I had marinated in olive oil, pineapple balsamic vinegar, and lime juice. As that was baking, I was trying to decide what to fix to go with it. As I was perusing my refrigerator, I noticed the strawberries from the farmers’ market and pizza crust, and on the counter fresh basil, again, from the farmers’ market. That was when I had the “aha moment”!

Here is the recipe I came up with:

1 chicken breast – cooked and cut up

1 cup fresh strawberries – sliced

4-5 fresh basil leaves – cut up

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1 tbsp lime olive oil

1 Wewalka Bristro Style Thin & Crispy pizza dough

**Preheat oven according to direction on package of pizza dough

**Roll out pizza dough on pizza stone. Brush with olive oil to coat the entire crust.

**Top the crust with cut up chicken, strawberries, basil, and cheese.

** Cook for 15-18 minutes as shows on package directions. Cut, serve, and ENJOY!


***As I adjust many recipes, please feel free to adjust this one to your taste***


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