Spaghetti Squash and Tomatoes


This dish was inspired by a trip to my local farmer’s market.  I go every Saturday, but summer is my favorite time to go because of all the amazing vegetables!


1 spaghetti squash (medium sized)

grape tomatoes (about 1 dozen) cut in half

farmers cheese – cut up – 1/2 cup

fresh basil – 4 leaves – cut up

2 cloves garlic – minced

2 tbsp olive oil


*Preheat oven 425*

*Prepare a cookie sheet by lining with foil and spray with non-stick spray

*Cut squash in half, remove seeds, Brush each half with 1 tbsp of olive oil, then add a minced clove of garlic to each half. Cover with foil. Cook for 1 hr or until done (when flesh is tender).

*While squash is cooking , cut tomatoes, cheese, and basil and set aside.

*When squash is done,  let it cool a few minutes to make handling easier.  Then with a fork scrape flesh from each into bowl.  Add tomatoes and cheese and gently stir until all mixed together.  Top with basil. And ENJOY!




Southwestern Chicken Pizza

A twist on your typical pizza and it turned out really good! It did take a little planning once I came up with the idea, only because of marinating the chicken overnight.


1 chicken breast (marinated overnight) grilled and cut up

fresh corn – cut off the cob

1/2 cup black beans – drained and rinsed

Newman’s Mango salsa

1 red onion (small) – grilled *

4 cheese Mexican blend shredded cheese

1 Wewalka bistro style thin crust pizza dough

***Preheat oven according directions on package of pizza dough.

***Roll out on pizza stone. (I trimmed the parchment paper around the stone)

***Spoon out salsa to lightly cover the dough.  Sprinkle the chicken around the dough. Then add black beans, corn, onions, and cheese.

***Bake according to directions, which is about 12-15 minutes.  ***Cut and ENJOY!


******FOR THE MARINADE******

1/4 c olive oil

1 tsp taco seasoning

2 cloves garlic – sliced

1 tbsp lime juice

2 tsp espresso balsamic vinegar

6-8 sprigs of cilantro (kept whole)

kosher salt

prick chicken breast with knife and rub with a pinch of salt.

in ziplock bag – add olive oil; taco seasoning; garlic; lime juice; balsamic vinegar; and cilantro. then add chicken. seal bag, then coat chicken with mixture. i put the ziplock bag in a bowl and then put in refrigorator over night. i do not have a grill, so i cooked the chicken on my pannini press for about 12 minutes or until cooked thoroughly. let cool for a few minutes, then cut up in small pieces.