Squash & Mushroom Pizza

I have been on a pizza kick recently. I have found a pizza crust that I really like, Wewalka, so it makes it so much easier, and faster!

This creation came about from a recent trip to my farmer’s market. (One of my favorite vendors turned me on to delicata squash.) So this is what I came up with:

Squash, mushroom, and red onions on a pizza.


*1 medium delicata squash – peeled, seeded and cubed

*1 medium red onion – thinly sliced

*6 cloves of fresh garlic – 3 minced and 3 whole cloves (peeled)

*1 portobella mushroom – cut into cubes

*olive oil

*kosher salt

*fresh sage – 4-5 leaves – chopped

*shredded mozzarella cheese

*Wewalka pizza crust – Thin Bistro style

**Preheat oven 425*

–Line cookie sheet with foil, spray with a little non stick spray. In single layer add squash and onions. Add minced garlic on top of squash and onions. Sprinkle with a little kosher salt. Sprinkle squash with the sage. Then place whole garlic cloves around cookie sheet ( I used this just to give more garlic flavor. You can skip this if you prefer). Drizzle with olive oil.

–Bake for about 35-40 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.

–Place pizza dough on pizza stone, brush crust with olive oil. sprinkle crust with mozzarella cheese, then add squash, onions, mushrooms, and more mozzarella cheese.

–Bake 12-15 minutes, until a nice golden brown.









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